Alice Wonder would like to ride her bike. As much because Freddie Mercury? Probably not. But, I recognize she might not employ banned substances only to ride quicker than others like superior ol' Lance. Which brings me to a topic which has been about my notice for a while. Mr. Armstrong was admired by millions considering he battled cancer plus had been a champion. Pistorius was similarly glorified for contending found on the Olympic track without nearly all of his lower limbs. Yet both of these worldwide stories of heroism are today tainted with scandal. Lance was found on the juices plus Pistorius allegedly gunned down his girl from jealous rage. What's upcoming? Are they gonna discover that Stephen Hawking is a secret associate of NAMBLA (or the British equivalent)? It only goes to show which we're all flawed, perfectly except Alice Wonder naturally. Less evening information, more Zishy!