This may sound like I am bitching, however the point of the rambling is to show appreciation. I am certain you're not amazed to hear which there are persons that take my pictures plus share them freely plus illegally online. In truth, there are persons available that create funds off of pirating my shit. It does suck, nevertheless I will be lame to whine regarding it because I am inside the same boat with almost all of the entertainment industry. For those of we that are taking my stuff for free, I simply need to state thanks for the indirect enhance. If you find oneself inside a comparatively comfortable financial condition, please consider paying. I have produced subscriptions affordable plus the contributions really create Zishy greater. For those that are paying, thank we to be good human beings. I strive daily to be worth the ethical illustration we have set. Perhaps there is hope for this Wasteland. For those profiting off of stealing alternative people's work, I hope we forget to look both methods whenever crossing the upcoming street. Now, take pleasure in the fabulous Geri Burgess.